Batya "The Toon" (batyatoon) wrote,
Batya "The Toon"

NY filkers: come one, come all

sdelmonte and I are hosting a housefilk! Israel-based filker nightface is in town, and we figured we'd better take advantage while we could.

This coming Sunday, September 17. Starting at 2:00pm, and continuing until 8:00pm or people get bored. Food will probably be limited to snacky bits; we are soliciting contributions of a kosher pareve-or-dairy nature. (Junk food with kashrut symbols is good, as are fresh raw fruit and/or veg.)

If you plan on coming, please reply here and let me know by Sunday morning! If you'd like to come and don't know where we live, please email [sdelmonte (at) eh oh ell dot com] for directions.

Does anyone have any questions? Any answers? Would anyone care for a mint?
Tags: announcements, fannishness, filk, new york
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