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[purimgifts] Dear Author

[Edited to add: yes, this is last year's letter, but it's pretty much still valid.]

Dear [community profile] purimgifts author:

Hi! And yay for yet another round of purimgifts!

Last year I asked for genfic; I wouldn’t mind getting genfic again, but this year I think I wouldn’t say no to something shippy either.

I would be extraspecially delighted if you do anything with canonically Jewish characters, or with canon characters interacting with Jewish OCs and/or historical figures. If you want to write me an AU where a non-canonically-Jewish character is (and has always been) known to be Jewish, that's okay too; if you want to write a canon-compliant story where a character has been Secretly Jewish All Along, let's just say I'm gonna need that to be really really convincing. (None of the above applies if you’re writing in a wholly invented universe with no Jews and no reason to have them, such as A:TLA or Star Wars.)

AUs in general I am pretty okay with, but I lean more towards the canon-divergence or One Thing Changed sort of AU than toward the completely transformative AU wherein characters are generally recognizable but context isn’t. (Unless you’re doing it for comedic purposes, in which case go for it.) Crossovers are delightful, if they are within fandoms I have asked for; if you want to write me a crossover with something I haven't asked for but you suspect I'd like, see below re "if you have any questions." OCs are love, especially (for this fic exchange) Jewish OCs, if the setting is solid enough. Meta and fourth-wall breakage are excellent, especially in canons where that's a basic part of canon anyway.

Mood-wise I have no preference: scare me, make me laugh, make me cry, make me wistful and nostalgic, make me angry, whatever floats your proverbial.

If you don't know me and want a better idea of what I like: this blog, my AO3 page, and my tumblr may be of some help. If you have any questions, anonymous replies are open for this post.

Thank you and I look forward to reading!

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