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Tomorrow or the day after, I am hoping to make these and/or these for Purim.

To that end, tonight I have attempted to make sugar-free raspberry jam. The last two times I made it, it crystallized when it cooled. I'm hoping to prevent that this time by means of using xanthan gum. I have no idea at all if this will work, but right now my kitchen smells like cooking fruit, and that is in itself rather happy-making. Wish me luck.

Meanwhile: a meme from a while back! [personal profile] ladysingsthe asked me seven questions. Answers behind the cut.

1. Favorite recipe right now?
Low-carb kishka! It is basically this recipe for this weird ethnic food (not to be confused with anything else in that article), except I substitute almond flour for the white flour and oil. I'm still working on perfecting it.
Also very nice, and very new: vegan chocolate pudding!

2. Can you tell me more about this book with the evil witch mother?
Among Others. It's about a fifteen-year-old girl from Wales who ran away from her abusive mother, was placed in the custody of her long-gone father by Social Services, and gets sent to boarding school in England. Fairies exist but not everybody can see them; magic exists but it is nearly impossible to prove, as it is always deniable; other people like you exist out there and you can find them; and you can bear anything as long as there are books.

3. What's something cool you learned or saw this week?
(Using the week in which I actually wrote this:) I saw some old footage of Lady Mondegreen concerts. We look so young in some of them.

4. Do you have a zombie plan?
Find [personal profile] camwyn. She's already promised to let me join her enclave.

5. Favorite thing to do on a rainy weekend?
Cook or bake something. Soup is a wonderful thing to do on a rainy weekend. Also nice: camp out on couch and watch favorite videos, and/or camp out by desk and Do Things on the internet.

6. I like this one so I'll repeat it: what's one fic or book or academic article that doesn't exist, but should?
There should be more science fiction and fantasy books with Jewish characters. That's not so much "one book" as "lots of books", though. >.>

7. What kinds of things do you usually dream about?
I have flying dreams every so often -- sometimes I can't control it and I'm like "oh crap how do I get back down D: D: D:" but sometimes it's like I just need to get off the ground and then it's all totally sweet. :D
Also I have a recurring dream about how it's Friday afternoon and almost sunset and I am nowhere near ready for Sabbath yet. Sometimes this involves being too far away from home to get there in time.

Anyone feel like doing the Seven Questions meme? Comment here with "PICK ME" or some recognizable variant thereof, and I will ask you some! Probably.

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