Batya "The Toon" (batyatoon) wrote,
Batya "The Toon"


Tomorrow night is the first night of Pesach. Zman cherutenu; the time of our liberation.

In about an hour and a half (8:30 EST) Alex and I leave for the airport, whence we will fly to Rochester to spend the Seder nights with my sister and her family. My parents are already there, having driven up Thursday. (For those few of you who heard about the uncertainty of our plans due to my mother's health: yes, she is well enough to travel and is by all reports doing excellently.)

I will of course be off the internet between tomorrow evening and Wednesday night, but aside from that my internet access will be sporadic if not downright nonexistent between tonight and our return home Thursday morning.

Chag sameach to all those celebrating the holiday with us; happy weekdays to everybody else. Y'all take care of each other while I'm gone.
Tags: announcements, family, judaism, travel
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