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Return of the Revenge of the Son of the Bride of the Icon Meme

This meme's rolling around again and I picked it up from bookelfe. It goes like this:

Comment here saying PICK ME and I will pick six of your icons. You then copy and paste this in your LJ along with your explanations/comments/squeeage about each one.

I am cheerfully going to reuse any still-valid explanations/comments/squeeage from last time I did this meme. Because why not.

Here are the ones bookelfe picked, and flatteringly enough they're all icons I made myself. :D

Keyword: bookhenge
Comments: none

Image found on Gettyimages -- obviously, it's a Stonehenge built out of books. The caption text, "build," has a lot to do with how I use this icon; to me it means creativity and intertextuality, and how different texts can be put together to make something that couldn't exist without the originals but can be stronger than the originals are by themselves. I've also been known to use it for academia.

Keyword: come further in
Comments: Central Park is bigger on the inside

This is one of my New York icons. The text is, yes, from the final Narnia book, and I chose it largely because it's talking about a place that's bigger inside than out ... and, as the comment text says, so is Central Park.
I love my city.

Keyword: bee girl
Comments: to where there's no more rain and I can be me

I actually have a post where I write about why and how I came to make this icon.

Keyword: *innocent!*
Comments: wud nevar plot evilz. iz becca's fault.

I was sent this image as part of an OH LOOK CUTE KITTIES email from a coworker, and knew immediately what I had to caption it. Because let's face it, I need an icon with that sentiment.
I blame Becca because she's convenient. AND BECAUSE SHE HAS EARNED IT A THOUSAND TIMES OVER I mean what. >.>

Keyword: those are our angels
Comments: none

Pictured here is the radiant Zoe Warren of Firefly, Unification War era. The caption is a bit of layering that I'm still kinda proud of: "Independent" of course refers to the side Zoe was on in the war, and the line in parentheses "throw your hands up at me" is from the chorus of the song "Independent Women" by Destiny's Child (following the line "All the women who're independent"). And, in a final bit of layering, the keyword is a quote from Mal at Serenity Valley ... and also refers to the fact that "Independent Women" was the theme song for the 2000 movie Charlie's Angels.

Some people say I'm easily amused.

Keyword: music: sing
Comments: lyric from "Sing" by the Dresden Dolls

Yes, that's me in the caption. Specifically, me singing in concert at a filk convention. As the comments say, "Sing for the teachers who told you that you couldn't sing" is from a Dresden Dolls song. (For the record, I don't recall ever having been told that I couldn't sing.)
I use this icon to rejoice in singing, and/or to encourage myself or others toward some creative endeavor in the face of, well, discouragement.

Tags: gip, i made this!, memes, pretties
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