Batya "The Toon" (batyatoon) wrote,
Batya "The Toon"

o hai

So I meant to make the travel announcement post from the airport last night and didn't.

HI FROM DENVER. :D sdelmonte and I are chilling in silveraspen's sunroom as I type this. We're here until we take the red-eye back to NY Sunday night / Monday morning.

I am thus going to be around online less than usual this weekend, though will still be checking email periodically and such. I'm also way behind on friendslist -- taking some time now to try to catch up, but I'm at skip=120 and will probably be slow to get through it all. Just so you know.

Also there is so much stuff I need to post about, like my Books Read In 2009 list and having finished Battlestar Galactica and seen Avatar and the final Tennant episode of Doctor Who and omgwtf Dollhouse. Soon!
Tags: announcements, i aten't dead, travel
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