Batya "The Toon" (batyatoon) wrote,
Batya "The Toon"

So, um.

dotfic and I wrote this thing.



Title: A Thin Chain of Next Moments
Authors: batyatoon and dotfic
Rating: Gen, AU, PG-13
Warning: Character death
Word count: ~22,000 (total)
Characters/pairings: Sam, Dean, John, Bobby and others (both canon and our own), Sam/Ava, Dean/CRD, Dean/OFC, Jo/OMC
Disclaimer: Sadly, none of them belong to us except the OC's.

a/n: Follows canon up to Crossroad Blues. Puts season two canon in the blender, diverges completely from season three. It took us a while to write this; during the process we got Jossed and Kripked so many times our heads were spinning. Many thanks to our beta reader destina for her patience and her careful editing above and beyond the call of beta-dom. Title is from Bruce Springsteen.

Summary: Dean makes a deal, and lives a life.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Tags: fannishness, geekery, i made this!, teevee, writing
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