Batya "The Toon" (batyatoon) wrote,
Batya "The Toon"

The meme goes: Comment and I'll give you a color that I think represents you, and then you list ten things you like in that color!

in_the_blue gave me brown.

1. My hair.
...She told Pa all about it, and she asked him, "You don't like golden hair better than brown, do you?"
Pa's blue eyes shone down at her, and he said, "Well, Laura, my hair is brown."
She had not thought of that. Pa's hair was brown, and his whiskers were brown, and she thought brown was a lovely color.
- Little House in the Big Woods, Laura Ingalls Wilder

2. Bread.

3. Weathered wood.

4. Chocolate.

5. Sauteed mushrooms.

6. Old books.

7. Vorkosigan livery.

8. Tabby cats.

9. Coffee.

10. Spices.

Hmm. A lot of these turned out to be food or food-related. Possibly I should have had breakfast before I started.

If you want to play, reply here saying "Pick me!" and I'll give you a color -- either one that I think represents you or one chosen at random.
Tags: memes
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